L’Association pour la transition Bas Carbone (ABC)

Au cœur de la lutte contre le changement climatique depuis 2011 avec notre méthode Bilan Carbone®, l’ABC sensibilise, forme, fédère et donne des moyens d’action concrets aux organisations et aux citoyens pour réussir leur transition bas carbone.

The European
Clim'Foot project

Coordinated by ADEME between 2014 and 2018, this LIFE project (European funding program) brought together France, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Greece.

Clim’Foot facilitates the development of public policies designed to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint of organizations.

Clim’Foot, through a unique European cooperation project, provides training in greenhouse gas emissions accounting, by adapting a specific version of the Bilan Carbone® to the challenges of each country.

This simplified tool – called Bilan Carbone® Clim’Foot – has been adapted for the needs of the project, and made available to participating countries to enable them to benefit from a transfer of French skills and know-how. The good news is that it is now available to anyone wishing to follow the Clim’Foot training course!

What’s more, the project has necessitated the development of new emission factors, both for each country and for the whole of Europe. Training courses have been created by our partner, the Institut de Formation Carbone, and are available on the project website.

In France, Clim’Foot is experimenting with a new methodology for assessing organizations’ low-carbon strategies: ACT (Assessing low Carbon Transition).

The ABC’s role

ABC’s involvement in the project has involved close collaboration with the technical board, made up of 5 institutional partners:

  • Center for renewable energy sources and saving (CRES – Greece)
  • Energy Institute Hrvoye Pozar (EIHP – Croatia)
  • Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA – Italy)
  • Herman Otto Institute (HOI – Hungary)

Where do we stand now?

Find all the resources available on the platform: https://www.climfoot-project.eu/en

E-learning modules, toolbox for decision-makers and organizations, emission factor databases, etc.

Today, ABC continues to lead the Clim’Foot community, notably via the dedicated Linkedin group!

Would you like to find out more?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Elise Yonneau

Project Manager – Europe and International

Quentin Guignard

Head of Methodology Department

Damien Huet


Nos offres d'adhésions


L’association vend des contrats de licences de marque pour autoriser toute organisation, formée, à réaliser un Bilan Carbone®, utiliser la marque Bilan Carbone®, accéder aux outils et tableurs Bilan Carbone®.

Eval Pro

L’évaluation des connaissances professionnelles est individuelle et nominative. Valable pendant 3 ans, elle est composée de 40 questions qui vont de la connaissance des enjeux énergie-climat à la définition d’un plan d’actions en passant par la manipulation des tableurs BC v8.