L’Association pour la transition Bas Carbone (ABC)

Au cœur de la lutte contre le changement climatique depuis 2011 avec notre méthode Bilan Carbone®, l’ABC sensibilise, forme, fédère et donne des moyens d’action concrets aux organisations et aux citoyens pour réussir leur transition bas carbone.

The Clicks On school project

The last ten years have seen a growing mobilization in support of climate issues, particularly among young people. Climate marches and demonstrations in schools illustrate the young generation’s commitment to what is considered to be one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced.

That’s why ABC is committed to raising awareness among the general public
and in particular young people.

Clicks On: The project that puts climate at the heart of your school

Designed for secondary schools wishing to calculate their carbon footprint while raising awareness of energy and climate issues, Clicks On is a complete process that brings together all resources, from raising awareness to developing an action plan. 

The European version of the Projet Etablissements Bas Carbone, Clicks On aims to reduce the school’s carbon footprint in line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. The project is part of an Erasmus+ program.

Immerse yourself in the progress of the project

Designed to be implemented over a school year, the Clicks On process is divided into 5 phases.

  • The awareness-raising session for adults involved in the project (teachers, school heads, but also administration and non-educational staff)
  • The theory phase called “Understanding climate change”.
  • The carbon accounting phase, involving data collection and calculation of the school’s carbon footprint using an online tool developed during the project.
  • Construction of an action plan to reduce GHG emissions
  • A presentation to promote the work carried out by the students.

Interested in joining the Clicks On project?

Tick tock, tick tock… It’s almost back to school!

Launch the Clicks On project in September and benefit from our year-round support!
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Nos offres d'adhésions


L’association vend des contrats de licences de marque pour autoriser toute organisation, formée, à réaliser un Bilan Carbone®, utiliser la marque Bilan Carbone®, accéder aux outils et tableurs Bilan Carbone®.

Eval Pro

L’évaluation des connaissances professionnelles est individuelle et nominative. Valable pendant 3 ans, elle est composée de 40 questions qui vont de la connaissance des enjeux énergie-climat à la définition d’un plan d’actions en passant par la manipulation des tableurs BC v8.